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Emma & Christopher's wedding August 2018 - London

Emma and Chris got married on a splendid summers day in August. The day started in Southgate, North London at Emma’s parents house for the bride and bridesmaids start to the day. After capturing some relaxed and natural shots I was off to Islington to meet up with Chris and the other guests at the couples home. It’s always fun to break away from tradition and it was here where Chris would first set eyes on Emma looking so fabulous in her wedding dress.

The couple’s ride to the ceremony at Islington town hall was in a classic Plymouth Barracuda. The red eye-stopper certainly turned heads on every street along the way. Room 99 and the amazing marble hallways of Islington town hall is always such a favourite of mine to shoot.

“The Peasant” in Clerkenwell was the final location of the day. Upstairs was rustically decorated with bunting and the dinner was illuminated with natural light from the large victorian windows and was filled with laughter from the speeches. The evening then carried on downstairs with drinks and a party atmosphere at this iconic venue.

We all had fun and it was such a pleasure to meet their family and friends that made the day so special for them and also made me feel so welcome.

Below are a few highlights from the day.